Patrice Depino

Founder/ Head Chef

Since as far back as she can remember, Chef Depino has been a foodie. Her background in the service industry, attention to detail, and customer first mentality led her to start Elegant Events & Custom Catering and she has been providing catering services for over 22 years now. Chef Depino’s dedication to her craft is apparent in every event she is a part of.  She has a strong passion for what she does and she strives to invoke that same passion in each and every one of her clients.  Chef Depino understands that each client and event is unique, so she dedicates the maximum effort and attention to provide all clients with an event that is unforgettable.


Q & A with Chef Depino

Read some questions and answers from a recent interview featuring Chef Patrice Depino.

LOVE LOVE LOVE what I do, my love for food and people reflects in everything I create and every life I touch.
I am a foodie and have been since I was born, so that is a hard question for me. I wish more people knew what FRESH FOOD tasted like to make a better decision when choosing they’re Catering Company
At 22 I got married to a Butcher, I couldn’t even boil water. He taught me how to break down a cow, how to use knives and how to cook my first chicken. I fell in LOVE with food and finally knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. We bought our own business, started Catering, I went on to Culinary School, and here I am.
Pricing is almost always the most popular question, answers vary with different menus. What services do you offer, I tell them I can help them with anything they need.
Meeting new Clients, I love making new friends whether I get the job or not, I feel I at least I made a new Friend. Creating that special menu that excites my Client.
I wish more people knew how difficult, and how many hours go into one event. We put at least three, 8 hour days before the event and 12 plus on the day of the event, not including the loading and unloading of the food stuffs.
Please try to have some sort of idea of your catering budget, price out some of the different foods your interested in before contacting a caterer, so you have an idea of the cost, you can do that right in your supermarket.